Trunk Show

the way to find your dream wedding dress
Trunk Show

What is Trunk Show?

The Trunk Show is a very special event and unique in Slovakia and near by countries. During the Trunk Show, the latest collection along with the best-sellers of previous collections from our offered brands will be in our store. And we offer you a unique opportunity with a champagne in hand to catch each one, try and choose the ones most suitable for you. Of course, you can bring your advisers with you as well.

How often does Trunk Show take place?

For each brand we offer, we plan to organize the Trunk Show once every three months so that each bride can find your dream wedding dress well in advance of the wedding date.


Be a goddess

The way to your dream wedding dress


Make appointment

Watch our web site, facebook profile, Instagram to keep you up to date on Trunk Show dates. Sign up for the Trunk Show. We will contact you and we will arrange a suitable date for you to visit our store. Why is reservation important? We want to devote all our effort just to you, we want you to have enough time to choose the right dress for you and of course to enjoy it all in order to be an unforgettable experience for you.

Choose your dream dress

You can try all the wedding dresses from the latest collection or best-sellers from previous collections of your chosen brand. We will make sure that it will be an unforgettable experience for you. We will help you in choosing the right dresses for you.

Happy bride

You have selected your dream wedding dress, in which you look like a goddess. You walk away from us with the feeling that the try of dress was a unique, unforgettable experience for you, a beautiful moment before your most important day of life – the wedding.

Upcoming Trunk Shows

Helena Kolan

Trunk Show for NEW collection "2019 Collection" - 14 - 16.6.2019
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Galia Lahav Couture

Trunk Show for NEW collection "Make a Scene" - 28 - 30.6.2019, Bratislava
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Galia Lahav Couture

Trunk Show GALA Collection No. VIII - 28 - 30.6.2019, Bratislava
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Trunk Show Registration

Make your appointment for Trunk Show

In our wedding salon we approach each client individually and we only deal with one client at a time, so it is necessary before visiting Trunk Show to book appointment by filling in contact data in the form below.

A refundable fee of 50 EUR incl. VAT is charged for attending Trunk Show, which will be deducted from the rental or purchase price of a wedding dress.


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