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bohemian wedding dresses

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bohemian wedding dresses
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Inmaculada Garcia

Inmaculada Garcia wedding dresses are designed for daring and passionate brides who are both dreamers and romantics who love feminine and sensual designs with a touch of class. When she creates a new collection, her thoughts create an atmosphere of sensations and emotions that transport her to another place where the protagonist is always the woman.

She made first steps as a designer at the age of 13 when she tailored jackets for her friends with scraps of flannel and they were always really happy with what she created for them. It has been many years since then and now she look at that time long ago when she was still naïve and realizes that it was the basis of her learning and where the passion for her job started to grow. The environment has supported her in realising her most cherished dream, to become a designer.

Bohemian wedding dresses from Hanami collection

Hanami was the inspiration behind the floral and romantic collection by Immaculada Garcia for Spring/Summer 2017.Tradition and avant-garde, the Hanami collection really offers something for every bride style. From bohemian wedding dresses to A-style style to couture dressing gown. The dresses are elegant, with beautiful intricate floral detailing and floral printed waist ties. A delicate touch is present throughout with Garcia using silk, organza and chiffon to create simplistic refined styles as well as more unusual Japanese inspired shapes and silhouettes.

From Hanami collection we choose for you the following bohemian wedding dresses. We believe you will like it. You can see the entire collection in the gallery.


Best-seller from Hanami collection. Beautiful bohemian wedding dress.


Sell-off price – 850 EUR incl VAT



Sell-off price – 990 EUR incl VAT


Sell-off price – 1194 EUR incl VAT


Sell-off price – 990 EUR incl VAT


Sell-off price – 984 EUR incl VAT


Sell-off price – 810 EUR incl VAT


Sell-off price – 918 EUR incl VAT


Sell-off price – 954 EUR incl VAT


Sell-off price – 1200 EUR incl VAT


Sell-off price – 1446 EUR incl VAT


Sell-off price – 1116 EUR incl VAT

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