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Haute Couture wedding dresses
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Galia Lahav

Over the past three decades, Galia Lahav has established itself as one of the leading couture fashion houses, with garments characterised by their high-end fabrications, meticulous sewing techniques, and of course, our unique technology which enables us to make each garment meet the wearer’s exact measurements from overseas. These values have been instilled in Galia Lahav fashion house for several generations and have resulted in worldwide popularity.

The goal of Galia Lahav brand is to continue developing its unique technological systems in order to further enhance its capabilities and deliver the designs to each beautiful woman looking to wear a garment created for her and only her.

The dresses meet the highest standards of design craftsmanship in the bridal market, in line with the heritage as the first and only Bridal Fashion house to be recognized by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haue Couture.

New collection

For wedding season 2020 we chose Haute Couture wedding dresses from two collections,  Spring collection 2020 GALA Collection No. VIII  and  Autumn collection 2020 GALA Collection No. IX. Take a look on your own, that they are really wonderful wedding dresses with Haute Couture heritage, the masterpieces of its own class.

Together with best-sellers from previous collections GALA Collection No. I – VII we have more than 20 models of haute couture wedding dresses on stock for you. We believe you will like them.

In case you have not found your haute couture wedding dress in our store, we are happy to order it for you. All dresses from the latest collection and best-sellers from previous collections can not only be seen but also tried during Galia Lahav Trunk Show, which takes place four times a year in Salon Isabell. Watch out our social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about this event and dates.

GALA Collection No. IX

Many have tried and gloriously failed to resist the call of the sea. Why not surrender to the allure, the emotion and the stunning beauty of the deep blue? As intrepid explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau once famously said: “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

GALA G-407

A whimsical, asymmetrical A-line gown with one sleeve, a bateau corset, and thigh high slit made of voluminous silver and sequin embroidered tulle floats weightlessly in the ocean breeze.

GALA Collection No. VIII

This season, designers Galia Lahav and Sharon Sever float down the rabbit hole for Collection No. VIII, a range of exquisite wedding gowns inspired by the gorgeous fantasia of Alice in Wonderland. With nods to Edwardian fairytale heroines, untamed garden labyrinths, and the skewed glamour of Tim Burton, Collection No. VIII is a different way of looking at wedding gowns. “We’re giving the bride an alternative to the obvious,” Lahav says, “with trendy but classic and elegant moods all in one collection.”

GALA G-305

Fitted strapless mermaid dress with a sheer corset back detail accentuated with lace ribbons made of beaded lace over a shimmering background and decorated with beaded appliqués and a scalloped lace trim.

Best-sellers from previous collections

Besides wedding dresses from the latest collections GALA Collection No. VIII and GALA Collection No. IX we have for you also the best-sellers from previous collections.


GALA Collection No. VII

In folklore and fantasy, the GALA by Galia Lahav Collection No. 7 takes you on a journey into an enchanted forest.

GALA G-207

An enchanting fitted mermaid dress made of embroidered hand beaded lace with translucent sides.

GALA Collection No. V

For Fall 2018, Galia Lahav set out to explore the intangible of the five senses. GALA Collection No. V took on rhythm, challenging ourselves to bring adagios, crescendos and a symphony of sounds to life. A woman’s soundtrack says as much about her style as her signature scent, and Gala’s latest looks aim to appease any bride looking to walk, strut and dance to her own unique beat.

Gala 1001

3-D lace mermaid dress with a deep plunging v neckline, a low open back and a detachable butterfly lace winged cape

GALA Collection No. IV

GALA No. IV reflects an urban-boho bridal look and feel. The collection is inspired by two contradicted motions, intersecting and becoming one- defining a new ‘point-of-you’, a new notion for this dynamic era, 2017.

GALA 902

Impressive ball gown dress with a rosé sheer tulle skirt with handmade flower appliques and off the shoulder sleeves.

Gala 904

Embellished a-line dress, with a low back and plunging v-neckline. Made entirely of lace and geometric embroidered crystal embellished accents.

Gala 906

Sexy a-line dress adorned with embroidered appliques and a crystal embroided belt around the waist. It comes with long chiffon detachable sleeves.

Gala 909

Romantic mermaid style dress with a Tulipe skirt fully embroidered with pearl beadings. Dress has off the shoulder sleeves and a cutout on the neckline.

Gala 911

Dreamy boho chic fairy dress made from vintage antique net with a medallion and bow embroidery forming a voluminous yet translucent silhouette.

GALA Collection No. III

GALA Collection No. III Is strongly inspired by the Bohemian unconventional lifestyle and is dedicated to the Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini. As Fellini knew his way in Blending fantasy, baroque images and earthiness, so is our whimsical “BOBO” collection. You’ll find a handful of fabrics, silhouettes, laces and senses of style that redefines the term “wedding outfits”.


Gala 803

Sheer ball-gown with a high neck a cap sleeves, peek-a-boo cleavage and a sheer belt with a voluminous skirt, in a combination of Nude and Silver. Made of sequin embossed tulle in Ivory and Diamond Silver shades.

GALA 805

Dramatic boho-chic column dress, with sheer sleeves and a low open back. Made of diamond sequin embossed net and a sheer detail at its waist.

GALA Collection No. II

GALA Collection No. II is a pure-love-for-nature collection. When you’re ready for love, you let yourself fall and flourish in the light and wilderness of your emotions. That’s the way mother nature is once you let her in.

Gala 702

An embroidered chantilly lace mermaid dress with off-the-shoulder detail plunging into a deep v at the front, and a multi-layered skirt made of silk tulle.

GALA 708

A Sicilian tile inspired dress with a slinky silhouette and a combination of antique pink and sparkly ivory lace to create a modern look.

Gala 710

Dreamy A-line soft pink organza dress with 3D silk flowers and touches of french lace and embroidery.

Gala 711

Big pleated ball gown made of french-lace in an exquisite shades of cappuccino and sparkly accents. The dress has hidden pockets and big pleated skirt.

GALA Collection No. I

Inspired by romantic capitals of the world that provide the backdrop to contemporary love stories, GALA Collection No.1 caters to brides who prefer modern, dreamy dresses that are soft, subtle, chic, and comfortable to wear.

GALA 607

Ballerina ballgown entirely hand-embroidered with sequins and pearls with a full gathered ballerina skirt in organza and tulle.

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