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Marco & Maria

Designers Marco Marrero and Maria Diaz began their professional career in 1990 , with the creation of a design and manufactured studio in Puerto de La Cruz, Tenerife. From the beginning Marco & Maria stands out for the remarked vintage style of its collections which has became the hallmark of the brand. Marco & Maria designs include two styles: bride and evening dresses which come to prominence by its unique printed fabrics. Far from the common massive production stitching Marco&Maria personalize each and every design of their with hand-made finishings centering its production in Spain without neglecting the minimum detail.
New collection

The source of inspiration of Marco&Maria for this season has been the female characters in the novel The Leopard. Under the central them of the novel “Things have to change so that everything can remain the same “ Marco&Maria make changes in the structure of their dresses, but betting for the romanticism and the timelessness of its garments which characterized It.

From the prestigious Spanish brand Marco & Maria we chose for this season the following romantic wedding dresses. If you didn’t find your dream wedding dress here we are happy to order it for you.






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